On  May 11, 2000 a lady found a new e-mail message on her computer, which simply said, “I love you”. It looked innocent enough, perhaps even romantic. Like most of us would, she clicked to open the message, and the so-called “Love Bug” was born. With lightning speed it raced around the world, bringing politics and business to a halt. It was a deadly computer virus that caused millions of computer software programmes to crash. One virus, but so much contamination. But it’s not the first time that a single virus has caused so much grief to mankind. In fact, it’s a kind of replay of a deadlier virus that hit Planet Earth more than six thousand years ago polluting the first human couple, Adam and Eve. Despite God’s warning not to click on to Satan’s message, they did so with appalling consequences for them, and through them to all mankind. That virus is called “Sin”.

I. The First Dialogue: The Serpent and the Woman (3:1-7)

a. Satan spoke twice (3:1, 4-5)

b. The woman was open to dialogue (3:2-3, 6)

c. The Immediate Results (3:7)

1). Their eyes opened (3:7a; cf. v. 5) knowledge of Good and Evil by experience of disobedience

2). They knew that they were naked (3:7b) – Shame, fear cf. v. 10; 2:24-25)

3). They made to themselves coverings around their waist (3:7c) – Lost Freedom cf. v. 21

II. The Second Dialogue: The Lord confronts Adam and Eve (3:8-13)

III. The Third Dialogue: The Pronouncement of Judgment (3:14-19)

a. Judgment on Satan (3:14-15)

1). On the literal Serpent (3:14)

“The serpent had earlier been a noble creature; as a result of the judgment it was altered in form and shape. Because the serpent exalted itself it would now be forced to crawl on its belly and eat the dust of the earth as it crawled along” (Paul Enns, The Moody Handbook, p. 309).

2). On the force behind the Serpent – Satan (3:15; Rom 16:20)

b. Judgment on the Woman (3:16)

1). Experience Pain in childbirth (3:16a)

2). Struggle with Submission (3:16b)

c. Judgment on the Man (3:17-19)

1). The Curse of the Ground (3:17b-18)

2). The Need to Work (3:19a)

3). The Entrance of Physical Death (3:19b cf. Rom 5:12)

The fall of Adam and Eve effected all of mankind. We as children of Adam inherited Adam’s sin.

IV. The Naming of the Woman, The Making of the garments, and casting out of the Garden (3:20-24)

a. The Naming of the Woman (3:20)

b. The making of garments (3:21): Gives us several hints concerning God

1). God took initiative to resolve our problem (Eph 2:1-4)

2). God provided a sacrifice to die on behalf of Adam and Eve (Heb 9:11-14)

3). God provided Christ’s Righteousness to cover us (2 Cor 5:21; Rom 3:21-31)

c. The Driving out of the Garden (3:22-24)

But God in His mercy found a solution for our problem of sin. He provided a sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins.