These class notes, audio and video files of Wayne Johnston‘s series on Parenting According to the Bible are excellent teaching on the subject of parenting. If you desire as parents to follow what the Scripture says these classes will be a great start. Wayne Johnston is certified biblical counselor by NANC association. He will be a wonderful teacher to teach about parenting.

Date Video Class Audio Class Notes
1-9-2005 Teaching and Training (Part 1) MP3 Notes
1-16-2005 Teaching and Training (Part 2) MP3 Notes
1-23-2005 Love (Part 1) MP3 Notes
1-30-2005 Love (Part 2) MP3 Notes
2-6-2004 Discipline (Part 1) MP3 Notes
2-13-2005 Discipline (Part 2) MP3 None
4-3-2005 Communication and Parenting: Part 1 MP3 None
4-10-2005 Communication and Parenting: Part 2 MP3 None
4-17-2005 What is God Looking for in my Children: Part 1 MP3 None
4-24-2005 What is God Looking for in my Children: Part 2 MP3 None
5-1-2005 Other Parenting Issues MP3 None
5-8-2005 The Place of the Word of God in Parenting MP3 None