Following Haddon W. Robinson ten steps in his book Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages we will develop our outline here. The following posts will unpack these steps by giving a preview of the above book for each step.

Haddon W. Robinson uses the big idea as the means to communicate the Word of God to his hearers. The big idea is the single theme of the text or passage of Scripture. Some commentators call this the topic of the sermon or the main preaching point of the sermon. Bryan Chapell seems to refer to this as the Fallen Condition Focus.

Once you grasp the big idea concept, you will find structuring a sermon easier.

Haddon W. Robinson points out ten (10) steps in sermon preparation.

What are these ten steps in preparing expository sermons?

  1. Select the passage
  2. Study the passage
  3. Discover the exegetical idea
  4. Analyze the exegetical data
  5. Formulate the homiletical idea
  6. Determine the sermon’s purpose
  7. Decide how to accomplish this purpose
  8. Outline the sermon
  9. Fill in the sermon outline
  10. Prepare the introduction and conclusion

It will take you a while to work through these ten steps. However, once you have mastered them, you will find sermon preparation becomes easier.

Also, Haddon W. Robinson explains the three ways you can structure your sermon – deductivelyinductively or a bit of both.