The Bible

  • The Authority of the Bible (Sufficiency of Scripture)

Patrick Zukeran, “Authority of the Bible,”:

  • Greek & Hebrew Bible

Hebrew-English Bible: – This website put the Hebrew and the English side-by-side.

Hebrew Interlinear Bible: – This gives you the Hebrew and the transliteration of the Hebrew and then the meaning of the word in English. It is very helpful in studying the Old Testament.

Online Greek Bible:

Interlinear Bible: – This also give you the definition of the words in the Greek strong lexicon.

Greek Interlinear Bible: – This gives you the Hebrew and the transliteration of the Greek and then the meaning of the word in English. It is very helpful in studying the New Testament.

  • Bible Translations (English)

Great Treasure: – This is a great website for study in the New Testament. It compare Bible translations, has concordance of the word of the New Testament, and lexicon for New Testament Greek words.

  • Bible Commentaries

Blue Letter Bible: – has very good commentaries for John Calvin, John Walvoord, among others.

  • The History of the English Bible

Daniel Wallace, “The History of the English Bible”: – A series of articles about the history of the English Bible by a scholar of the NT.

  • Bible Introductions (New Testament and Old Testament

Daniel Wallace ( – Articles of the whole New Testament

Paul House, Old Testament Theology:

  • Bible Surveys (NT and OT)

Douglas Stuart, Old Testament Survey:

Robert Stein, New Testament Survey: The Gospels:

Robert Stein, New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation:

Thomas Schreiner

New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation:

  • Bible Charts and Outlines

Blue Letter Bible:

  • Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedia

Blue Letter Bible:

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology:

Grammar (Greek & Hebrew)

Articles and Questions on Grammar: – various articles.

William Mounce, Biblical Greek,: – Lectures

_________, Greek Tools For Bible Study: – Lectures

Jim West, Elementary Greek: – Articles on the Grammar of the Greek New Testament from a professor of Quartz Hill school of Theology.


Theological Studies online (Seminary and Bible College equivalent): quality and conservative

  • Lectures

Bruce Ware, Systematic Theology I: – Professor Ware is a systematic theology professor in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is 4 point Calvinist, and dispensational.

_________, Systematic Theology II:

The Theology Program:


  • Church History

Gerald Bray, Church History I:

_________, Church History II:

  • History of the New and the Old Testament


  • Topical Studies

Nave’s Topical Bible:

Textual Criticism (NT & OT)

  • New Testament

Brief History of Textual Criticism: – Much of what we find here on this website is gleaned from the classic text of Bruce Metzger, The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration.

Manuscript Transmission: – The site discuss the variants in the manuscripts and the author divide variants into two broad categories intentional variants and unintentional variants.

A Table of Greek Manuscripts:

Daniel Wallace, “Textual Criticism Series”: – This is the study of the copies of the New Testament.

Daniel Wallace, “The Number of Textual Variants: An Evangelical Miscalculation”:

The New Testament Manuscripts




  • Old Testament

Patrick Zukeran, “The Dead Sea Scrolls”:

Preaching (Homiletics Help)

  • Hermeneutic

Daniel Wallace, “The Holy Spirit and Hermeneutic”: – The relationship of the HS to the science of interpretation.

Michal Patton, “Bibliology and Hermeneutic”: -Lectures on Bibliology and the history of interpretation.

Robert L. Thomas, “MODERN LINGUISTICS VERSUS TRADITIONAL HERMENEUTICS”: – Professor Thomas is a professor in The Master’s Seminary.

  • Preaching

Bryan Chapell, “Preaching,”: – the author of Christ-Centered Preaching excellent book on preaching available online lectures for free.

David Doran, “The Essence of Expositional Preaching: Finding and Preaching the Textual Theme”:,%20Essence%20of%20Expositional%20Preaching.pdf – An outline of Dr. Doran from his lecture in MACP 2008. Here is the Lecture in audio: – scroll down to MACP 2008 under David Doran choose the article in audio.

  • Sermon Illustrations


  • Pastors

John Piper, Pastoral Theology: – Lectures

Nine Marks Ministry: – excellent marks of a church.

John Piper, Desiring God Articles Library:


  • Women in Ministry

Daniel Wallace, “Women in Minsitry”: – Two part series (Article).

John MacArthur, “1 Corinthian 14:34”:

____________, “God’s Plan for Women in the Church”:

  • Biblical Counseling (Neuthetic Counseling)

CCEF: – This is the official site for the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation and great authors write on different counseling topics.

Counseling Solution: – YouTube video clips about topics on counseling.

Articles on Biblical Counseling by desiring God ministry:

Suffering, Trial, and Persecution: – several articles written by several people.

  • Christian Home

John Piper, Resources on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood (Desiring God):

  • Evangelism

Articles on Evangelism by desiring God ministry:

  • Missions

David Doran lectures about the mission of the church: – It is under MACP 2010 under David Doran name.

John Piper, Biographies: – John write on the lives of many Christian leaders in the history of the Church among many of them are missionaries who went through persecution for their ministry.